Social Media Trainings for companies

JoomGeek Social Media training offers

Let’s make it clear: there is no magic potion for succesful social media activity. Whenever you want to go for it, you will be spending time and money building an online community that are passionate about your products.

Our Social Media Trainings will give you the tools and knowledge you need to setup the proper expectations on social networks.


Objectives: Determine realistic objectives based on your current profiles and services
Tools:Which are the best online tools to monitor and engage with your social communities
Knowledge: What are the best social networks for you
Leads: How to generate leads on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Let’s track the web !


Florian UGHETTO: Adwords Certified, Google Partners, Google Trainer and Digital Expert in Dubai, since 2009, Florian specialized in Digital Marketing, Trainings & Consulting. He is now supporting the growth of local and international business worldwide.