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Are you familiar with these situations?
  • For the last few years you’ve been thinking about updating your website, but you have never find the right person to do so.
  • You want a new website, but you have neither time nor resources to manage the project internally
  • You want a new website without dealing with one person for SEO, one for social media, one for design, one for marketing, one for online advertising and one for development
Do you need ?
  • To speak to one Web Project Manager in your own native language
  • To rely on a successful company to advise your web media strategy
  • To have your team trained to use the new tools to modify the website after the official release
The All in One Package
Offer in Detail
  • All in 1 packages includes: Multi-platform Website, Google Adwords campaign, Google Analytics follow-up, Social Media strategy, Community Management and a Web Marketing Strategy
  • Training: A series of training sessions which will allow you to update your website, communicate properly with your communities, understand Google tools and get an overview on web marketing and SEO.
  • Update and Assistance: You’ll also get a 24/7 assistance to update your website, fix internet issues, hacks, bugs or user errors
How We Manage These Solutions
To complete the “all in one” package we gather all the required information and understand your services and brand specifications. Once the project is launched, you choose the update frequency for your site.

After the release you will get access to our online support service. Available 24/7 it will guarantee you a quick and effective support solution.


Choose the Offer that Best Suits Your Needs

Are you familiar with these situations?
  • You recently invested money into your website, SEO, Community Management or Web Marketing and would like some updates
  • You have limited budget and would like a step-by-step plan to turn your company into a 2.0 company
  • Your activity does not require a full web strategy but a customized plan to achieve your marketing goals
Do you need these for your project?
  • Tailoring your project to your needs
  • Dealing with a team of experts to support your company
  • Achieving a Set Marketing Goal
1 project = 1 solution
Offer details
  • Your company provides us with all the required information
  • You select all the services you need
  • We work with your requirements to meet your expectations
How do we do that?
  • The project is adapted to your company and schedule. We will be providing all online documents, and skype meetings to reach your goal on-tim
  • We develop a customized solution
  • We will develop timelines and milestones to keep our project pace


Choose the good offer
Are you familiar with these situations ?
  • You want to get a brand new website or any other services quickly in a limited amount of time
  • You haven’t planned your next website but you require a short-term solution
  • You have a time and money constraint
Do you need ?
  • To get help on specific parts of your projects
  • To focus only on the results
  • Release your next website as soon as possible
Your customized website for the next morning
Offer in detail
  • We plan two meetings: one to understand your project, one to validate the release
  • We get straight to the point and focus on your needs
  • During the first meeting: we understand, adapt and validate the project with you
How do we do that
  • We start working on the project once we have your approval and all required information
  • the Website can be released in the shortest time possible
  • Once the project is completed we work on an update roadmap and long-term strategy