PPC Trainings for professionals in Dubai

JoomGeek Pay Per Click training offers

Our agency loves to train people to get the most out their tools. When you spend money on Google Adwords or any other ads systems, we want to be sure that you don’t waste your money on irrelevant keywords. So our job is to make sure that your in house marketing team will have enough understanding of those tools to deal on a daily basis with them.


When is the last time you updated your campaigns ?

Why do you need to be trained by Google Adwords Certified people?

Anyone can learn from the web. When it comes to your money it’s better to go straight to the point and build a training based on your needs and expectations.


Florian UGHETTO: Adwords Certified, Google Partners, Google Trainer and Digital Expert in Dubai, since 2009, Florian specialized in Digital Marketing, Trainings & Consulting. He is now supporting the growth of local and international business worldwide.