Joomla Trainings in Dubai

JoomGeek Joomla Trainings

Once again the key success of Joomla training is in customization. When we know what you’re looking for, we can work on the appropriate support.


It can be online training, video, pdf, live formation, blog posts or any support you need.

What is Joomla

Joomla is a fantastic Content Manager System (CMS) as long as you know how to use it. It’s also the best option to choose if you don’t want to rely on anyone else when you need to update your website.


Our training will allow you to become steadily independant in the daily management of your website. Undoubtedly a must know, when you’re looking for autonomy in changing and fixing up your website.

Why do you need to train for Joomla

Too many people rely on external teams when it comes to their website management.

If you’re familiar with these situations, you should think about mastering Joomla.

  • My webmaster is taking too long to integrate the needed modifications
  • The technical team left me and I cannot do anything else on my website
  • I want to manage my website myself


Florian UGHETTO: Adwords Certified, Google Partners, Google Trainer and Digital Expert in Dubai, since 2009, Florian specialized in Digital Marketing, Trainings & Consulting. He is now supporting the growth of local and international business worldwide.