One of the key elements of a company’s success in the digital age is a deep understanding of the role and nature of the services that can be provided online. In the digital age, if you don’t have a web page, you don’t exist for the world.

Business tasks that can be solved using Web technologies:

  • informing about one’s own existence, list of services and operating principles
  • information collection and analysis 
  • selling physical goods online
  • online services (including unique)
  • use the mobile device capabilities to create unique and targeted services

So, any modern company is coming into the Internet. And then it brings up the questions, how to solve your business problems? With the help of which technologies, methods, frameworks you should create your network resource? Should you do it yourself, hire a freelancer or hire a team?

Where to seek help with the custom development?

We are convinced that good projects cannot be done alone. Your core value is a business idea, understanding processes, creating a strategy and setting up goals. Other issues can be solved through outsourcing – entrust non-core tasks to the specialists.

If you need relatively simple site functionality, our company will be happy to help you launch your startup based on common WordPress, Joomla, etc. solutions.

Another thing is if you need functionality that is not provided by frameworks and ready-made solutions. Or you need to expand the standard solution to meet new business requirements. In this case, you will need a team that has good competencies in developing complex custom solutions.

Our partner – Codein.Software research and development team, specializes in such projects.

A striking example is a system that was built by the client using a framework with visual development and generates php-code itself. The user, who has no knowledge and skills in programming, configures the necessary parameters, windows, controllers, but it only applies to standard functionality. In the process of project development, the client came to the need to create specific reports with diagrams that were not supported by the system, as well as the need to integrate additional systems that significantly expand the functionality of the original project.

The Codein Software team created several modules that were integrated into the framework, as well as implemented integration into third-party APIs, moreover, to integrate some modules also Codein Software created their own API methods.

Thus, even when using solutions based on standard frameworks, customization may be necessary. And this task is successfully solved!