[Weekly Review] – The top 5 reasons SME should contract an external Digital Expert on a yearly basis
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Some months back a prospect contacted us wondering if we could assist them in building their global digital strategy, KPI and tracking tools. That was a kind of new request for us, as our agency is usually contracted for the full process not just the strategy part. So I got a quick look into Google Trends and adwords tools to see who else may look for the same. 

It’s obviously not easy to get some very accurate data out of this. However, we notice that people will actually look for both: digital services or digital experts. Once again it’s just to get an idea as we won’t know so much who may look for a yearly support or a regular service.

But anyway, we came back with a new service and quotation to assist people in building their strategy and we thought it was actually not a bad idea to provide an external support service.

5 facts that should help you to contract an external Digital Expert to plan your web strategy

#1 – You know your business, we know web

When you have on board thematic experts – SEO, Community Manager, Designers, PPC – it’s always a plus. But many companies do rely on one Marketer -with digital powers- to do the Web Job. It’s better than nothing, but you can’t ask someone to be good in everything. So in this case I do think it’s important to get the chance to brainstorm with people whose job is to be always on the top of their job trends.

#2 – It gives you a non expert view on your business

Hé hé hé … Have you ever wondered how people look for your products, or who they’ll find when they look for similar services ? Too many times, we realize that people think that everyone is Googling or understanding the market and competition their way. Most of the time is actually not the case at all. So agencies will provide a new vision of your market.

#3 – It’ll save you time

Time is … MONEY ! So yes, if you ask Digital Experts to build your online strategy, we’ll most probably go straight into the point and focus on major elements. For example we regularly advise people to stop wasting time with irrelevant posts on Facebook. Instead better to get a one to one talk with your customers about the last service or product they experiment with you. 

#4 – It’s the occasion to adopt honest KPIs

Who could say it never -slighlty- adapt its KPI in order to make them look better in front of his CEO. Most of the time the same CEO has just no idea of what are those web KPIs. When we work with people on their KPIs, we do it based on their objectives and expectations. Not based on what they’d like to hear.

#5 – It’ll give you the chance to focus on what does matter most

Better to ask your team to do their job the best they can, instead of asking them to participate in many side line running projects. So let people who knows what they are talking about drive you toward your main goals.

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Have you ever faced the similar situation when hiring an expert is way too expensive, so you’d rather go for an alternative solutions ?





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