[Weekly review] – JoomGeek NYE Resolutions !
JoomGeek 2014 Retrospectives

2014 was for our agency the beginning of a new era. For the first time in 3 years we decided to run JoomGeek as a full time agency. It gave us the chance to push many ideas, projects and pending ideas we’ve been holding for too long. So thanks a lot to all our customers who gave us the chance to test, try and improve many web marketing skills and technics ! We do hope we helped you as much as you did help us !

Our main effort focused on providing trainings and new marketing tools to our customers. But here are the most important elements for 2014:

  1. Google Partner Badge (as both partners and trainers)
  2. Lecturer for DM3 Institute and Dubai Media City
  3. New customers

It’s not that much compared to most of our competitors, but our strategy has always been to be a human size agency. Each and every customer is important for us !

2015 Resolutions ?
Supporting that many great ideas an projects, we decided to follow the trend and push our sideline activities too. Time for us to be part of the change and push our in house amazing ideas.

So 2015 will be for us the year where:

We hire more staff
Open new offices in new countries
Launch our new projects

Hé hé hé ! Never easy in fact, but this is our engagement ! And what are yours ?





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