[Weekly Review] Instagram opening for brands ?

Some days back Instagram announced new tools for brands. It’s an interesting news as many business are still struggling to use this Social Network.

For what we can read on their blog, Instagram team is going to release new features: 

  • Account Insights: Very similar to what we have on Facebook, business will soon get the option to know actually how many people are reached, how many times the ads are displayed and what’s their engagement rate. It’s definitely something we’re excepting !
  • Ad Insights: Coming step by step starting in the US, Instagram gonna offer some “sponsored photos”. Nothing revolutionnary, but it will provide business a quicker way to promote their photos
  • Ad Staging: “allows advertisers and their creative teams to preview, save, and collaborate on ad creative for upcoming campaigns”

Let see how it goes, but if it turns into a new facebook feed where our friends’ posts are mixed with many business products, it may be time to look for new websites !





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