[Weekly Review] – How to Write Clean HTML posts into your CMS

Blog Writing process

Many people first produce their content into Word or Google doc and then will copy paste it into their CMS. It’s usually convenient as people will get more options to review their content or save it straight into their PC. It’s cool but you need to be sure that your text will be clean ! 

A clean text  is a text that will not get any css element

Why you need a clean HTML for WordPress

Because if you paste your text with another format your CMS will read this format and your text will not look like your other articles.

So the top 3 reasons to avoid copy pasting is that:

  1. Makes your article look different from the others
  2. Makes the page heavier to load
  3. May confuse Google with HTML errors
Benefits of a clean HTML text for your CMS

On the other hand a clean HTML will allow you to properly work on:

  1. Your SEO: using the <Headings> and other HTML elements
  2. Be sure of your content: you can add the proper elements for your links and images
  3. Your design remains homogenous 
HTML Edition tools we recommend
  1. To save and review your HTML files: notepad-plus-plus.org/
  2. To clean your text from word: word2cleanhtml.com/
  3. To edit your text and save in clean html: html.am/html-editors/online-html-editor.cfm
Tuto – How to write a clean blog post
So do you usually clean your HTML or you use some other tricks ?





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