[Weekly Review] Google new updates: Pigeons, Authorship and HTTPS

This week Google is sending Digital Marketers new indications

Well, we’re used of Google new updates and indications. But this week after reviewing the web as I weekly do and I do recommand to have a look in my favourite website seo.alltop.com, I realized that some of our last efforts will need updates soon.

New Google Pigeon Updates

What is Google Pigeon Update

I definitely won’t be the first to speak about Google Pigeon Update (please notice that this name come from Search Engine Land and not Google itslef). However the main idea to remember is that Google loves to give local results. This is why distance and location are getting more importance into Google ranking. 

What should you do to use Google Pigeon

1- Choose your location

Well as obvious as it looks like, you should give Google the chance to know where you’re writting from and where you’re physically based. And no blabla on this. You may work in different countries, but you’ll have to choose one for Google. 

2- Specify your location using Schema 

Not so hard with schema creator, but very important. Tell Google at least in your contact page where you’re physically based. 

3- Google Business your website

Last but not least, be sure that you’re business is added in Google My Business.

Google Authorship, new updates

Hope that you all noticed it but we don’t have anymore our lovely faces on Google SERPs, bad news or not the authorship is gone. So you should review this Moz Case Study on those missing snippets to know more about what’s gonna happen next !


This is also new for us. Google officially announced that HTTPS will be a new ranking signal. Hé hé hé … Now you gonna have to work on:

  1. Buying a SSL certificate
  2. Redirecting your URLs
  3. Being sure that the new ones are accessible for Google Bots

Weekly conclusion ?

It could be: Be local and show me how safe you are !

What do you think ? 





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