[Weekly Review] – Google New Tool To Understand your Customer Journey

Google Tools to understand your Customer Journey to Online Shopping
What is the customer journey

Customer Journey is basically the path that people will follow from the first time they hear about your services until they actually buy from you.

You’ll find many different images online, but this ones from meltwater is very complete:


In the first stage people usually don’t know about your products, services or benefits. This is what we call Awareness. It can be either: brand awareness or product awareness. It’s very difficult to track your ROI from there, but it’s definitely something you need to work on


This is usually the next step. People start to think about your product and will look more into its benefits.


This is a stage you need to be good at. People will look more deeply into the market to compare your product. Don’t forget that people may find online competitors that you did not think about. So it’s always important to have a regular look online.

If you bring them here, it’s good ! But it’s not the end. Better for you they have a positive experience with your brand or they’ll stop at this point.
That’s usually cool but needs efforts too. Once people convert you need to be sure they’ll keep receiving emails and notifications from your brand and products.
Nothing better than a happy customer who’ll try to bring you more traffic.
What is Google Customer Online Tool
Accessible on the following link, this amazing tool will give you some valuable insights about how people usually behave in your industry before they actually convert.
Funnel Process

This part help you to understand which channel is influencing people during their conversion journey. Very interesting to help you to organize your marketing efforts. You’ll find:

  • Display (banners)
  • Social (Networks)
  • Email 
  • Paid Search 
  • Referral
  • Organic
  • Direct
Funnel Process

The second part of the tool will help you to understand how quick may be people to convert. In this example we can see that up to 34% of the people may convert during the first day. Once again very cool to know is your efforts should be more on getting traffic or communication with your prospects.

So what do you think ? Have you ever used it or even better implement such a tool in your analytics ?





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