[Weekly review] – 2015 Web Expert Jobs & Functions
Web is no longer for webmasters !

I’ve just realized during the last few months, that whenever it comes to explaining people my job, very few really understand. Most of the time people call me “the webmaster“. It’s true that we do some activities that webmasters used to do back in the 2000s. But during the last 10 years, things have changed a loooooooooooooot. Now websites are built by teams of people mainly gathered in two groups: the geeks and the nerds.

It’s obviously a general idea as you can still build a website yourself using some good CMS and then promote it by your own. But in the web jungle it’s always better to go with the right team of experts !
The different digital job categories

I personnaly see 4 different categories among the two previous groups:

  1. Developers & Engineers
    1. Engineers
    2. Analytics Experts
    3. SEO Specialits
    4. Web Developers
    5. Bid Data Analysts
    6. Project Managers
  2. Communication Specialists
    1. ​Copywriters
    2. PR
    3. Community Managers
  3. Designers and creative
    1. ​Web Designers
    2. UX experts
  4. Marketing Experts
    1. ​E-Commerce Specialists
    2. Web Marketers
    3. PPC Experts
    4. Inbound Specialists

Feel free to add in the comments if you feel like I should add more.

2014 Digital Jobs and salaries
Main Digital Experts
Median Digital Salaries in 2014

Figures are based on moz.com/industry-survey and indeed.com

What does it change for you ?
Not so much as you’ll still see online websites. But now you have to take into account that a team of specialists is needed if you’re looking for good results. Most of the time we can pretty much handle the first steps of anything. But whenever you’re looking for good stuff, you’ll better speak with the right specialists.
So, will you stop to call us all webmasters ? :p





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