Brands that will help you fill your market’s coffee fix.

Did you know, $630 million are spent per annum on coffee in the UAE? (Source)

As you may know there are plenty of coffee shops in the UAE. According to a recent article in the Khaleej Times, there are over 4,000 cafes! That is a lot of coffee!

There is a growing demand for the deliciously brewed drink – it would be great for business if you researched the benefits to adding it to your inventory for shop or website.

A question you may have is, why coffee? Well, if you look at the growing population of those in the UAE, young, diverse and affluent adults, coffee is the one similar drink that is shared amongst the diverse groups. There will never be an end for the need of coffee.

The ways to brew coffee has also changed over the years, while a hot black coffee is still classic there are iced lattes, nitro brewed coffee, different blends to consider and so on. Coffee is one of the best products to add variety to your inventory and a great way to grow your target market.

Here are our top 5 choices of coffee brands you should add to your business.

Al Douri Group:

One of their bestselling brands on BizBiz.Biz is the Al Douri brand of high-quality coffee. According to their website, each coffee bean is treated with the utmost care to ensure that each cup of coffee is perfect and meets the highest standards.

They sell a variety of blends that will provide a delicious coffee selection for your customers:

Arabic Coffee – 100 g / 250 g / 450 g

Signature Blend – 100 g / 250 g /450 g

Dark Roast – 100 g /250 g / 450 g

Lebanese Blend 100 g/ 250 g / 450 g

Arabic Liquid Coffee 1 Ltr

Sultan Blend 450 g

Maatouck Factories LLC:

With over 70 years of experience roasting the world’s finest coffee, who would not want to conduct business with them?! This company is known for taking their time to create each roast to perfection using a combination of the latest coffee refining equipment and the expertise generated throughout their business experience.

Their choices of blends are limited but the quality of each roast makes up for it. Your customers will love the taste of each of these available flavors:

Private Blend with Cardamon

Private Blend

Turkish Coffee Hazelnut Flavour

Turkish Coffee Mastic Flavour

Karam Food Industries Co. LLC:

Under the parent company, Essa Al Ghurair, Karam Food Industries was established in 2013 and created a state-of-the-art coffee roaster which can roast more than 7,000 tons of coffee annually. The plant itself is one of the largest in the MENA region! Their brand is synonymous with delicious taste and having a selection of high-quality roasts.

Their four great tasting flavors will have your customers asking for more:

Arabic Coffee

Ground Dubai Turkish Coffee

Ground Dubai Arabic Coffee

Single Origin Yemeni Haraz

Boncafe Middle East LLC

This brand is highly recognized as a leader in excellence, integrity, and passion in the GCC market. It was first established in Singapore in 1962 and would later go on to found Boncafe Middle East in 2003. It is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of fresh roast and ground gourmet coffee distinguishable throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Their choices of select coffee roasts will provide a formidable variety to your customers to keep them alert and warm every morning:

Boncafe – Café Elita

Boncafe – Café Delissima

Boncafe – Café Italiano

Boncafe – Grande Cru

Boncafe – Café Espressa

Coffee Planet LLC:

Coffee sourced from the world’s best farmers across 20 countries. This brand began its coffee journey right here in the UAE back in 2005 and they have not stopped even after they became a multi-million-dollar success story. Their love of the coffee bean is proven in each roast they package and ship. By partnering with them to distribute their coffee to the masses you will help them achieve their goal of spreading their love of coffee to everyone!

Their selection of coffee is not only delicious but the perfect blend to keep your customers satisfied by every brew:

Coffee Planet Reviving Whole Bean Coffee

Coffee Planet Awakening Whole Bean Coffee

Coffee Planet Cold Brew Nitro Can – Vanilla Latte 200 ml

Coffee Planet Cold Brew Nitro Can – Latte 200 ml

Coffee Planet Cold Brew Nitro Can – Black 200 ml

Adding coffee to your inventory can prove to be a lucrative business tactic as the popularity of the deliciously warm drink grows. The varieties of coffee brews can be endless if made correctly to your customers liking. If your coffee shop or online coffee business needs an expansion this year, consider these popular brands.

Are you ready to add these delicious brews and roasts to your business inventory?

Get connected with UAE premium coffee supplies and companies through BizBiz.Biz. and grow your market today!