Marriages in the UAE are increasing each day. The general requirements for a UK citizen getting married in Dubai may vary. As a result, they need to approach the marriage lawyers in UAE. The lawyers will process all the formalities and the documents and procedures to validate your marriage in the UAE Courts. Let us now look at the documents required for a UK resident to get married in Dubai.

 Documents required for UK citizens getting married in Dubai

The following documents are a must to apply for marriage by a British National in Dubai courts.

  • They must have the birth certificates of both the Bride and groom.
  • The Bride and groom must present their passport original along with duplicate copies.
  • The couple must submit the UAE medical certificate and screening test reports issued by the health ministry affiliated centers in UAE.
  • Affidavit from the Bride and groom indicating their single status.
  • If divorced previously, the individual must present the divorce papers with the previous marriage certificate.
  • In the case of a widow/widower, the applicant must submit the death certificate of their previous spouse.

Application procedure

 Anyone applying for the marriage license must come along with the documents listed above for marriage approval. The judge will analyze the paper and approve the certificate if everything is proper. Also, the presence of a translator is essential if the submitted papers are in English. Once the translation is completed, the English and Arabic forms of the certificate must be notarized. Finally, the embassy must approve the authentication provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for any UK citizen getting married in Dubai. This allows the couples to use it in their own country.

 This process is simple if the couple has all their requirements in place. It might turn into a lengthy process, and it is always best to consult marriage lawyers in UAE for smooth completion.

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