[Weekly Review] – No more Google Authorship ?
End Of Google Authorship ?

As discussed in SearchEnginWatch some days back, Google actually stopped to display our Authors’ pictures and name into its SERP. We knew some weeks backs that he will stop to display images but not our name nor links to our Google +. 

End Of Authorship

Why did Google remove the Authorship name and pictures ?

Google teams actually try hundreds of updates every year. You can follow the main ones on moz.com/google-algorithm-change. So it’s not a big deal to see some features showing up and down. We can remember this time when Google used to display a Google +1 on the SERPs.

But let’s say that the main reason may be that people stopped paying attention to those pictures and Web Marketers started to over use it. 

Is is a good or bad news ? 

From my opinion it’s actually both. In some search results it was actually a very good asset to get a picture to grab people attention. But whenever you googled some ‘blog topics’, it was not making sense anymore as we used to see way too many pictures for unknown people. 

So do we stop to use Google Authorship ?

I’ll definitely not advise to do so. The fact that Google is not highlighting it in its results does not mean he is not trying to understand if a piece of content was written by a relevant author or not. 

I do think that like we used to consider Page Rank, Google must keep this as an important ranking factor. So wait and see, but if you usually use it on a smart way there is no reason to stop linking your articles to your website. 





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