Hackamena Dubai 2015 – The Plan A Experience
Hackamena 2015 Experience
Dubai Hackathon

We got the chance to get our project of social apps plan A selected to be part of the 2015 hackamena. 72h of non stop geeking in order to make an idea come true. The main focus of this event was the social impact of our project.

Plan A Project

We got the chance to get a team of 3 to 4 people working with us on this idea. Our main focus was to provide a new solution to allow people to fight one of the modern society major issue: loneliness

Apart of tackling this issue we focused into giving it a social twist. 

Hackamena feedback
Our experience

The global experience of this hackathon was very positive. The team in charge of the organization did a very good job. Everything was made to allow participants to get the best of this event.

From our side I think the most valuable part was to get the chance to exchange with real geek and entrepreneurs on specific thematic. We came back with fresh ideas, feedbacks and a stronger motivation to make our project succeed.

Hackamena Results

Big cheers to the teams who made it until the final top 3 !

  1. Fist place: Heartping – Emergency app connecting heart attack patients to CPR
  2. Second place: LESA – Live Emergency Services
  3. Third Place: Globeo – Crowd Sourced Video Journalism Platform
  4. Special Awards:

    1. Takalom – Private platform to discuss important topics
    2. Korrasa – Platform to develop high quality educational content in Arabic
Special Thanks

Special thanks to Yilma, Sharina and Ludmilla we joined our team and support our project during this amazing weekend. It was the beginning of a new journey for us all !

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