The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of changes in society. Many businesses were shut down, and many new ones emerged. The wedding industry also took a hit due to the number of guests and other restrictions limitations. However, why must a wedding, such a pious and memorable occasion, must suffer because of the pandemic. Hence, many nations have now permitted online marriages, wherein couples can get married legally online. However, just like a conventional marriage which requires lots of paperwork and documentation, so does an online marriage. This article will try to make online marriage much easier for new couples.

Selecting the country of marriage

Every nation has its own rules and laws related to marriage. Some countries have made online marriage legal, while in some countries, online marriage is still not permitted. Before going forward, with your online marriage, confirm whether your country permits it in the first place. If online marriage is not permitted in your country, you can still apply for an online marriage in another country where it is permitted.

Choosing the right wedding organizer 

Online weddings are not as hard to organize as conventional weddings are. However, the paperwork and documentation required in an online wedding may be quite daunting and exhausting, especially if the marriage is in another country.

Select a wedding officiant

Every wedding requires an officiant. Similarly, an online wedding also requires an officiant to be present online during the wedding ceremony. So, before the ceremony, find out an officiant for your online wedding and make sure that all the legal permits for the officiant are obtained in advance.

Choose the right streaming platform.

Before you get married online, choose a live streaming platform for online marriage. Once you have selected the platform, please get familiar with it so that the wedding ceremony goes smoothly. Also, make sure that you and your spouse, along with the officiant and any government official if present, are familiar with the online video streaming platform and have the required internet connection with them. The legal authorities accept the selected streaming platform.


Getting married is the most beautiful step in a couple’s life journey. The pandemic has disrupted lives, but it should not stop couples from enjoying their dream of getting married. Hence, online marriage is a wonderful alternative to conventional weddings. You need to take care of certain things, like getting the required paperwork, the online marriage certificate, the marriage officiant, the right streaming platform, etc. We at Joom Geek are always with our wonderful couples customers who wish to get married online legally in the country of their choice anytime, anywhere.