[Weekly Review] – 4 digital received ideas spread among Dubai SMEs
4 digital received ideas spread among Dubai SMEs
Working in Dubai for the last 3 years as a Digital trainer, Google trainer and digital agency manager, I have the chance to meet daily web experts and SME managers. Most of them are doing an amazing job to improve the general level of the UAE web. However, there is still much more to do to compete with the western SME.

The general belief among those SMEs is that web is a kind of free land where there is no need for investments (see our previous post on that). In some aspects it’s true, you don’t have to spend a lot to start your own online experience.

My general conclusion is that because of an easy access to cheap services in the region, too many agencies believe that web can be cheap and efficient.

4 UAE Digital mistakes
# 1 SEO is a one time process
For us SEO is made of 2 main elements. A one time onsite optimization and an ongoing offsite / content optimization (see more in our previous post). So it’s partially true that a first proper SEO optimization will help your website a lot. But in a competitive market do not expect anything without a lot more of efforts.
# 2 Website is free

Well, we made a couple of lectures and presentations to help you go online with a small budget. But don’t forget that people won’t judge your website based on what you did. They’ll compare it to other websites. So going cheap looks cheap, always.

# 3 No need Adwords to rank on Google
Adwords is the google ads platform allowing you to rank before the natural results for some selected keywords. Based on your local competition you may need or not to use it. We also provided some elements to help you understand if you’ll need or not.
# 4 Don’t need to be on social networks
Well, for some companies being on facebook is not a top priority. However, if you look deeper into your web strategy you’ll see that social websites can help you in many aspects starting with a better ranking.
So what should you do ?
If you still think that you can overcome those few points, I do recommend to hangout in some of the Dubai lectures organized by many institutes (DMC and so on).

So what do you think ? 🙂





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